Sundays like this makes me freaky most times. 

I was a little skeptical about this post though. But like I said ‘freaky’

I ‘m not really a leather kinda guy  scratch that lol

I absolutely adore leather now… I’ve come across people in the fashion industry talk about what they never gave a try just cause they didn’t feel/vibe it.. For me it has always been pink & leather until I read a post about Ifeoma Amadi’s blog & I was like what the heck let’s give it a try & wolla here we are!!

I’m in love!!  It’s just perfect.. The jacket is amazing. It’s my first time wearing leather & trust me there are no regrets. 

Leather jackets are so versatile… Gosh.. It goes with absolutely everything Damn.. I have a lot of jackets but leather jackets are currently on my top 5 fav jackets at the moment. 

So I know there are a lot of pieces some of y’all have never given a shot at so I’m saying try it out.. Thanks Ifeoma 😘


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