FASHIONISTA COMEBACK : Up your personal style game

Your favorite fashion boy is back!! 

Happy Easter Guys… Y’all know how much I love me some good holidays… & just like my Christmas holiday, I’m still not enjoying it at home.. I’m kinda getting used to not spending my holidays at home 😌

So Big Brother Naija is finally over & we are back to our own reality show aka our lives… Lol.. Typical me..did your favorite HM win? 

I’ve been off all my social media pages for quite some time now, well since August last year & I’ve been getting lots of messages asking me why? What’s wrong? Asking me to resume online.. Guess who’s back? Moi.

 The reason why I went offline was because I became too engolfed by the fashion internet that it started rubbing off of me & I couldn’t express my style anymore, my individuallity which is what I stand for & preach about. A lot of Fashion personalities & their personal style was starting to show on me.. Day by day I found myself leaning towards some fashion personality’s style & I hated it, every inch of it.. I was way too deep in the internet right then I knew I had go on the journey of discovering my own personal style & that included staying off social media for a clean start.. It wasn’t easy at all & now I’m back during the perfect holiday where Jesus died & resurrected (though his resurrection was on a Sunday lol).  This is a perfect comeback for me & the sweet chocolate frosting on the cake was my Instagram followers.. It increased rapidly. I noticed it early & I started putting my profile out there the more for people to see & now I’ve over 11k followers on instagram.. It’s mind blowing. I’m so honoured for the love I’ve been receiving since I entered the fashion industry,started blogging & sharing my ideas which are most times crazy & different. Thanks y’all…You guys are the real MVPs 

So when it comes to personal style discovery it’s safe to say I’m an expert in that category considering the fact that I spent months learning & discovering mine (speaking from experience). The journey is really fun. 

  • The first thing is to have a clean slate.. Tough one if you were like me…if not you’re cool to go. 
  • Then you have determine what you want your personal style to say about you..this should connect with your character most times cause it makes it easier to develop over time. Something you can handle
  • Here comes another hard part.. Choosing the right piece when shopping cause developing your style involves changing your wardrobe too. That is why it should be what you truly represent. 
  • Then styling your regular #ootd should be experimental & vasatile in order to explore your style options & in turn get better

Photography by Black Medal..check them out on Facebook (they’re lit).  Tell me what you think of this outfit in the comments section & if you’re not among my ever growing 11k fashion family on instagram, please go join & become an awesome fashionista plus you’ll get direct first hand info about all things fashion related & me

PS my beautiful baby is in a competition & voting has started…. Please it’s so quick & easy to vote… it will only take 2mins of your time… It’s sooo easy to vote.. Just click on the link.. Share with your friends to vote too..I’d truly appreciate it… It’s really important to me that my baby wins… Thanks so much… Love you for all the love & support 😍😍😍😘😘😘.      

please click to vote 😘😘😘


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  1. H-Angel says:

    Gud 2 go!!!

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  2. olivette says:

    nice one

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