BEARD GANG: 4 ways to stop beard itching 

Happy new year guys 

It’s no doubt that growing your beard can be a big deal.A lot of guys most of the time give up on growing their beard because of the itching. Though this itching is just for few weeks, most guys can’t power through & get to the other side where a full beard awaits 

I know I have been AWOL for some time now but hey look who’s posting now yay (doing ‘my crazy cool dance’ in my head… Cause that’s the only place I think it’s cute.. In my  head

 While I’ve been away on here, I’ve been growing my beard.. Yesss. I just started growing it out to a full beard. Usually I’m always spotting a fancy stubble

Yeah… there are rules

but I joined the beard gang & I’m going to be sharing my beard journey with you guys,beard products review, tips on growing a full & healthy beard, DIY products & routine etc. Hence it’s official I’m now a menswear fashion & beard blogger. (I think I’m one of the few personal beard bloggers in Nigeria….doing ‘my crazy cool dance’ again). Lol

It’s been a month now, I just got over the itching stage of beard growth & boy it was no joke at all. The itching was mighty. Usually the itching was the only thing making me cut off my beard but this time I was determined & of course thanks to Collins for #noshavenovember. So today’s post is about how I managed/stopped my itching. 

Well here are a few ways to stop the itching

  • Clean your beard 

One of the major cause of this itching is new sharp hairs simply irritating the skin surface.

Each day, thousands of dead skin cells are being shed from the face, but your new beard catches those cells and then simply holds them close to the surface of your face. By not letting the skin fall away, it causes irritation and itching to occur . use a beard shampoo to wash your beard & keep it clean. I do this every day in the shower. For now I’m using  Haicneal. It cleans the skin & makes it softer. You can get this in a pharmacy.

  • Use Conditioner

Yes! You heard it right. Just like your hair, your beard needs to be conditioned too. Here’s what conditioning your beard can do for you. 

  1. It gives a soft & downy feel
  2. Anti tangling 
  3. Silky & smooth

      You can get a good beard conditioner on BEARD NIGERIA or JUMIA

      •  Keep it moisturized

      Hydrate your beard daily with some premium beard oil. Not only will this keep your beard hydrated, it will also add a great manly smell.Grooming and combing your beard can also help with ingrown hair that irritates the skin.

      You can get the Leven Rose Beard Oil and Leave-In Conditioner from JUMIA. This organic beard oil is so good & I will recommend it for guys who don’t like too much artificial products with heavy scent cause it’s fragrance free. 

      • Repair your beard 

      Your beard itch might be because it’s damaged. Damaged beard can occur from heat from styling or from harsh soaps or even from the sun. Here’s the thing about damaged beards, it spreads from the tip to the roots. You can use beard repair lotion with proteins to repair damaged beard 


      Not too late for a new year gift 😉

      So before you resort to shaving.. Try all the above & watch your beard grow. 

      Tell me what you think about my beard, are you in the beard gang or any gang at all? Would you grow your beard if you could or couldn’t? 

      Check out more of me on Instagram @omornuwah & Facebook @ That Elegant Man

      Welcome to the Beard Gang. 


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