STYLE POST: How to up your regular t-shirt style game

Hiii elegant kids 

    Hallelujah 🙌 guess who’s back? 

    Happy Saturday… Happy weekend 

    It’s 14 days till 2017 & I can’t wait. (oh harmattan..where art thou?) 

    Lately a lot of people has been asking me questions like 

    •  Hey Lucas,wassup with your blog? 
    • Have you stopped blogging? 

    Hell No!! I haven’t stopped blogging and I truly appreciate those who asked but someone (not calling names) said ‘blogging is a waste of time’. It’s sad enough that people don’t get this blogging thing but rubbing the hardwork on my face is not cool. When I tell people that I’m a blogger they just assume that I’m some sorta Linda Ikeji, haha. I’m not a gossip blogger. There are tons of other types of blogging which are very profitable. I’m not going to rant about the hardwork we put into a post, planning, location, photography, editing etc just to pass the right info across to you guys..  sometimes it’s exhausting . hmm.. So with that said I’m not on blog break lol. Circumstances beyond my control has limited me to not posting as often and I apologize for that.I have been holding back a lot of post but I’m back, hopefully I might be dropping another post later today & thanks for sticking around. 

    This post is about taking your regular outfit for a regular day into something MORE.

    I’m wearing a grey dress pants, black t-shirt that I tucked into the pants. I wore a nude hat to add personality so that my outfit wouldn’t look so plain. Then I used my accessories to elevate my style game such as my key necklace, brooch, watch &  of course my camera. 

    This outfit is perfect for casual Saturday outings & it can easily be transitioned into a night outfit. Just take off the patent leather Oxford, wear a sneak & you’re good to go. 

    Photography by Black Medal… You can check them out on Facebook x Instagram. Also as usual tell me what you think about this outfit? 


    One Comment Add yours

    1. Collins says:

      I like that you didn’t go with a black hat. Not that it’s bad or anything but this particular colour just elevates the look.


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