Hi elegant kids

Sadly my holiday is over & I’m now back in calabar. 

I came back refreshed (who wouldn’t after the holiday I’ve had) 

I’m just gonna drop this here

Today I’m sharing all the highlights of my holiday 

Traditionally, every holiday, as a DIY lover, I always learn something new. This holiday I learnt how to make necklaces & bracelets Yes!!!. It was a beautiful experience being taught by a child… Lol but it was worth it. 

I decided to take my photography a little bit extra, so I got some camera accessories… Can’t wait to start using them. 

But that’s not what this post will dwell on sha. My sister’s birthday /baby shower party 🎉 .I took the opportunity to have fun during the preparation & at the party. So I’m going to start with the cake of course.. If any body knows me well, you will understand why. My sister baked this cake & it was all fun working with her..Sorry I couldn’t get pictures of that(wasn’t with my camera). 

We went shopping for her dress. She wanted something simple & classic..well i wanted something different from the usual “mom to be” flowery dresses. So we picked this black maxi dress. I love this maxi dress cause of the rich black beads detailing with dazzling sparkles on it. Now for the shoes she wanted a flat slippers which she got herself & i didn’t like it but what can I say…. Only preggi women can get away with that.  

Finally I met few friends in town & did a lot of shoots with my crime partner,hang buddy, shopaholic & expensive friend lol

I hope you enjoy the pictures from the parri


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