Hii stylish people

How are y’all doing? Hope your weekend was fun and not as short as mine? Lol. Mine weekend was really short & educative though.







Its been raining quite a lot since I travelled so I decided to shoot for the weather but I didn’t wanna do anything with layering my outfit considering the fact that in this part of the country, it rains now & the next few hours, the sun is out with full effect…so I decided to style my grey sweat shirt which is one of the most common piece you can get with my grey high waist pants… Thanks Richmond & white sneakers.



Now I’m just gonna drop a little of my weekend on here. I was susposed to go for a shoot today but thanks to the weather, I couldn’t go anymore but oh well there’s gonna another shoot & that means another post.

ICLC just concluded & I missed it sadly.(If you are a member of christ embassy or you’re a partner, you would get this)… For those who aint,iclc means international cell leaders conference. I got few highlights from the event. I saw a meme on IG that really inspired me.

Are you going to the same heaven with the cell leader that won 110,000 souls?




My favourite part of ICLC is IMC (international music concert).oh Jahdiel.. I know don’t judge me..hehe.

Okay I’m done.

This post was shot by my brother P code & i love the way the pictures came out. Did this shoot during the week.All grey vibes. Hope you enjoy the pictures

Y’all know how’s done… Tell me what you think about this outfit in the comments section.

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