It’s no news that I’ve being really scarce with post lately. Well this is because this semester has being hella hectic. I barely even have time for myself but today I’ve decided & I’m determined to  drop a style post today. I’m actually writing this in the comfort of my lecturer-less class.. Lol.

I got a camera yay!


It’s a Nikon D3000. & i love it still though I’m now working towards getting the lens of my dreams. Before getting a camera, i didn’t know that getting someone to shoot you when you are free can be a little challenging so if you’re a freelancer photographer in calabar pls kindly contact me or drop your details on the comments section .

Now to the post of today.. It’s all about DENIM. Yes it’s being on trend for a while now & the truth is it will forever be. So i Will be showing you ways to style the denim subsequently. Vintage chic being my personal style, i had to channel it into this. Maybe the tittle should’ve read “Denim: channelling my personal style” huh? Nah.
There will be no need of me giving a brief history of denim but y’all should know its a vintage piece & it will forever be in my wardrobe. Instead I will give a few hint on how to wear the denim on denim ish.

Shades/Colour of Denim


Yes this really is very important. When wearing denim, try matching it in 2 different shades. Pair different shades of denim together. It’s almost impossible to go wrong this way. Don’t wear a denim outfit that’s all the same weight or wash.
You don’t want to look too matchy matchy.



Let’s be clear, Doubling down on denim doesn’t just mean stacking blue hues together. So mix up one of your other colored jeans, like a chalky gray or jet black, with a washed indigo jacket. Then wave “hi” to all those people telling you how good you look.

The Fit


I can’t over emphasize how important the fit of your clothes should be.

Notice i said fit not skinny . Easy & tucking in or breaking the outfit with a belt can go a long way to make your outfit look chic.

Mix it up


Prints, patterns… Mix it up.


Break up the outfit with a little print , it will change the feel of your overall look. my opinion, less is more i.e use less accessories .




If you are wanting to try out this trend and are unsure on how to style it, it’s actually really easy! So, these are my tips for all of you on creating a fantastic double denim outfit. One that looks chic or stylish and not too overdone. I would also love to know how you wear it too! Comment and let me know!


3 Comments Add yours

  1. kingLeonard says:

    Leonard saw it. 👍


  2. nuel says:

    Please when you say look a like be very sure of what you saying this guy is no where near you, anyways this is your section today is superb as at all sections of before but if I wear a denim jacket I prefer putting a black jean trouser to go with it✌✌


  3. p-CODE says:

    Cool post ….but I think the tie ain’t on fleek with the denim ish


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