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Happy New Year!!.. Well I know this is coming late but its never too late than never lol. I hope the year has been treating you well?

img_4384.jpg I’m just gonna drop this here 😉

I can’t wait to share with you guys greater things this year & to kick start this, I’m starting a new section/category, where i will be posting my work as a stylist. Every styling Job i do, from editorial to celebrities to Fashion exhibitions/show etc will be shared.

Today’s post is very special because it’s not about me but about someone else. I styled him for his IDOLESENCE editorial.





Meaning: the sense of becoming your own Idol.

It was fun all the way working with him….. We styled him from his transition to his Idolesence.

Today we feature Presh; The Ceo & Lead Strategist Of PRESHVILLE.


Well, what is PRESHVILLE? 


(from the ceo)








Preshville is a one stop hub for the ‘hows’ of starting and developing lives and business. In one word, we teach people how to start and own businesses of their passion and purpose.

Before we detail into this, i also believe that straight from birth, one of man’s greatest assignment is to understand himself and figure out WHY he/she was born.

I also believe that no matter where you work and how much you earn, if it is not your own business, there is a probalitity of you getting sacked. So? be your own BOSS. Be your own idle. Grow up…from Adolescence to IDOLESENCE




How did i know that i will be a consultant? How did i know that i will build businesses for people? How did i know that taking peoples idea and putting it into shops will be my purpose in life?

For me to answer your questions, i will have to ask you mine.

1. What is that one thing you do passionately and so easily that it feels efforless to you, no matter how hard it may be for others to do.

2. What is that one thing that you get annoyed or irritated at when someone else doesnt do it well…knowing and being sure that you can always do it better…

3. What is that one thing you’d do even if you are not being paid.




If 2/3 of what you wrote down are the same, then sleep on it.

I answered these questions and i landed at Consulting. Then i created Preshville.

We have to clearly define the purpose of our existence and give our heart and soul to it.  A well-defined purpose is the genesis of genius. There is always a need to have a clear cut reason for where you are going to and why you are going there; hence we have to create and hold a picture of where we want to be long enough in our mind, stay focused, consistently remembering that image of where you want to be, and afterwards, be ready and take actions. We have to create a business that is appropriate for what we do.



So once you have identified what you stand for, stand out. We live in a world where everything is judge by appearance. I am not saying you should be fake. I am saying you should stand out. Be conspicuous, be seen ‘nor dae dodge, you are a god’. Make yourself a magnet, be large, do not be timid. African China is more talented than D’Banj, but D’Banj is a brand.




So summarily, I propose a knowledge seeking 2016. Knowledge is a prime weapon in modern day business. Knowledge is what moves the mind, and the mind moving on the right train of thought can take you to a better station in life. In business, the most important asset is people, and their most important resources is their brain which has knowledge as its most important content. Personally, I love to learn. Knowledge freaks me. To this end, there is a need to initiate a range of knowledge management projects and programs. As an individual, knowledge on a personal scale will help increase the quality of your thinking which in turn determines the quality of your decisions, and the quality of your decisions determine the quality of your business and your life in general.

People who fail to invest in knowledge end up paying for the same knowledge through the hard way.aviary-image-1451154369520


Ok. Anyone reading this should have access to the internet. Here’s is goodnews. Once you identify what you are and want, then make good use of your internet. The information you need is in your hands. Google whatever you want, and google well. Make good use of the world which in your hands. Shalom!!!


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Nice one,keep it up


  2. Anonymous says:

    Nice Thought Bro… Keep It Up And Remain Blessed. #P•


  3. Anonymous says:

    Blissful + Blissful Idea I Must Tell You… Nice Job And Thanks For Sharing The Idea With Us… #Papi-A (Emma)


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