Hello Readers


How is the weekend treating y’all?
Well mine has been awesome.. Though most of the time I was indoors cause I was really tired of the stress from the week. I’ve started my Exams (I wrote 3 papers) but I still took out time to do a shoot.

Today is all about Layering
Let’s start with the meaning of layering: the wearing of lightweight or unconstructed garments one upon the other, as to create a fashionable ensemble or to provide warmth without undue bulkiness or heaviness.
With cold weather conditions comes Layering. As fun as layering clothes can be, people still over do it. Well I’m going to drop a few guidance on how to layer clothes without making a fool of yourself.


Firstly Comfort in mind when layering clothes is ultimate. Yes layering clothes are for cold weather to keep you warm up but sometimes people just keep on wearing clothes on another all in its sake. Make sure it’s comfortable for you. In some places it might not be as cold as it is in other places or might not even be raining so please eh don’t go and start layering clothes to bake yourself with heat and then you say Lucas taught you that. When it’s super hot where you are,don’t layer clothes instead opt for light bright coloured clothes. It should be noted that it was a rainy day when I had this outfit on in this picture which can be clearly seen in the pictures


Also Thinner clothes should be worn first. All this still falls back to Comfort. The texture of the clothes are supposed to be thin cause the thinner the clothes the better. Don’t wear clothes with thick layer on thick layer and end up looking bulky… I call it abuse of Layering. The key to not looking bulky is to make sure your bottom layer is made from a lightweight (thin) fabric and its nailed



Each layer should go on it’s own. It should stand on its own without the other layers. Don’t wear clothes that can’t stand on its own because if you stay in a place where the weather can fluctuate at any time from a heavy rain pouring day to a hot sunny day then it’s gonna be a problem for you so make sure each layer can stand on its own

Finally colours.. Pick a main colour for your outfit and the rest should compliment it. Don’t wear two main colours except Colour blocking is what you were born in.
So next time you wanna put on a blazer with a denim jacket and a t-shirt,follow these few guidance.

Please let me know what you think about this look in the comments section



8 Comments Add yours

  1. Ofonodo Richmond says:

    Thumbs up#. Not d pix doe, buh d write ups.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Lucas says:

    Thanks for your comment Richmond…what’s wrong with the pictures?


  3. Ofonodo Richmond says:

    D post is ma major problem…buh d 2nd pix 4rm top is a bit okay..2% doe. d blazer too..:uhh., i’ll say it’s off.


  4. Lucas says:

    Thank you…well noted


  5. Peace_Ayo says:

    OK… Mr ofonodo but I will say thatelagant man retains his name #PLA nails it


  6. Lucas says:

    Thanks Peace Ayo


  7. emmmanuuel says:

    Ayo shiss . ….Pete this cool


  8. alex czar says:

    okay first of all…ofono…do ..ugh cant even ritr the name well..i did like to see what u hav wen it cms to dress ups and foto postures…well am.guess it did be torture to the eyes…judgin.frm ur name …offo…no…gosh…u dnt diss my dear friend okay… lucas u r wonderful alrite bt the tie seriously i shuld be there wen ur doin.all this pics …dnt need people like ofo wateva diss u…u r elegant alrite


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