Hello Readers


How is your day going so far?
What are you wearing today?
what you wear affects what people think of you.Impressions are formed in the first few moments of meeting someone. Starting with the Basics. Basics in Fashion aren’t for beginners alone. It’s very essential for everyone. For beginners it’s a starting foundation for a stylish you while first grade fashionisto’s could use it as a mental check list for knowing more than the next guy on the street.

Today I’m going to be sharing with you guys some of the essential basics


A lot of Fashion enthusiasts would usually start with ‘Fit’. Yes that’s a fine must but Confidence is key. It’s the key to pulling off even the most outlandish look (well often times after fit, of course)

It just brings out the wonders of everything. Taking that extra large or trousers you love so much to the tailor for fitting won’t hurt. One important thing to note is ‘Don’t make your clothes too tight’ except you don’t breathe 😁


Even the Bible acknowledge that ‘where your treasure is that’s where your heart is also’.If you bought a sweet floral print shirt with your own cash then you should learn to take care of it. Your shoes too are also very important. Care for them cause not everyone can tell how expensive a shoe is by just looking at it (I said not everyone) and trust me everyone can tell if it’s not well cared for. Remember the shimmer the shoes the dressier.

Quality time piece, Hats, Pocket squares,Tie Bars, Collar pins & chains, Belts, Scarves etc..Accessories are all you need for that perfect detailing. Don’t over look them
So take time to reflect on the basics and be elegant

Stay Elegant Kids


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  1. kingleonard says:


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  2. Peace_Ayo says:

    Ooooh…cool difference clearly spotted …Nice 1 PLA

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  3. Eboka says:

    It awesome!

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  4. Lucas says:

    Thanks Kingleonard


  5. Lucas says:

    Peace _ayo thank you so much


  6. Lucas says:

    Thank you Eboka


  7. Ofonodo Richmond says:

    It’s Okay.

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    Nice one dude

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