Hello Readers


Well this is kinda my OFFICIAL first post.

My name is Lucas Peters Omornuwah Agwazie[mouth full, I know], I’m from Delta State, Nigeria. Lover of personality & all things different. Stylist & Student at the University of Calabar (Medical Radiography & I would like to point out here that it takes alot of my time and in the light of this I might not post as often). My lov

e for Style and Arts inspired me to open my blog “That Elegant Man”… Okay scratch that,not that I don’t love style or art but that’s such a cliché, plus it was kinda boring. Here’s the truth,  i started blogging cause of so many reasons which i cant put all down right now but all i can say is that life to me has and will always be about self improvement. That Elegant Man creates a platform for the every day average man to transition to The Elegant Man. From time to time, I plan on sharing my ever evolving life in the Fashion world/industry. I surely do hope you enjoy your stay on here…. Yes stay.

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